Transport to Aalborg University, Copenhagen at A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, is approximate 15 minutes from the Copenhagen Central Station in the center (5 minutes with the S-Train to Sydhavn Station + 5-10 mins walk)

How to get here from the city centre?

Is not possible to catch regional train or metro in order to go to the venue. Thus, the best way to get at the ServDes conference building with public transportation is by S-train (in danish: S-tog). S-trains connect the city center with the inner suburbs of Copenhagen. Here is the map of the connection of all the S-tog lines:

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Sydhavn station is the closest one to the venue. It is situated on the blu and purple lines. Thus, if you come from Copenhagen Central Station you have to take the  blu line [A] Trains from Hundige st and go out at Sydhavn. An alternative is to take the purple line [E] Trains to Køge st and go out at Sydhavn.

The Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) is 15 minutes by train/metro from the center of Copenhagen. Many international carriers operate out of Copenhagen airport.


You have several ticket options when travelling with public transportation in Copenhagen:

  • Separate tickets for 1 hour trips can be bought at train stations and cost from 24DKK depending on the distance (one ticket can be used in the majority of the Copenhagen area).
  • A 72-hour City-Pass for the Copenhagen area can be purchased at 200DKK. The pass can be bought at train stations or at  (which will give you a ticket on your mobile phone).
  • You also have the option to buy a 7-Day FlexCard (from 250DKK, which covers most of Copenhagen) which can be bought at train stations. The price is regulated based on the area you wish to travel within and the card is not personal, meaning it can be shared by several people travelling at different times.